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Wynwood Walls

Shepard Fairey

Wynwood walls is the newest revitalization effort from Tony Goldman. He's the man responsible for transforming SoHo, NYC, South Beach, Miami, and Center City, Philadelphia from run down areas into thriving cultural epicenters. The Wynwood walls were born in 2009 as an outdoor street art museum, and only two years later, the metamorphosis of the neighborhood is undeniable. One of the factors that makes Tony Goldman so successful in revitalizing areas is that he does just that-breathes new life into existing infrastructure rather than tearing buildings down and starting from scratch. He preserves the history of the areas he improves. It's worth reading about, scroll down for a link to an interview with the real estate developer.
Shepard Fairey

Shepard Fairey

Shepard Fairey

A rainbow camouflaged deer standing up for human rights.
Ron English

Ron English is the artist most often credited for transforming street art from crude letter writing into more visually expressive artwork. He is best known for his trompe-l'oeil style; the technique of creating an optical illusion of 3-dimensions. His art pops off of walls and deceives you into believing that you can walk into his world of comic characters, animals, and recognized controversial figures. He's gained a lot of commercial success since he started graffiti in the 1980's. He's been featured in documentaries, and has designed album covers for Slash, The Dandy Warhols, and Chris Brown.
Ron English

Ron English

Ron English

All of this artist's stencils are representations of photographs he has taken.
This dark city street is a stencil based on a picture of a New York City in the middle of the night.
Logan Hicks
Ron English

Archaic transportation
These two Mexican street artists joined forces to create two 
large scale murals for Wynwood Walls Art Basel.
Saner & Sego

Saner & Sego

Is this an ode to the Genesis story of the tree of knowledge of good and evil?
 A tree woman emerging from water, with planets revolving around her, and serpents climbing her limbs towards her stomach that shows a human waiting on Earth. 
Painted by Jude Papaloka, a Miami based, Hatian born contemporary artist.
Jude Papaloko The Genius

The Date Farmers are Carlos Ramirez and Armando Lerma, two artists from a small town in Southern California who have been painting together since 1998. They chose the content of this mural to represent a what they see as a self portrait of themselves; "a kid running away from the emptiness of the desert". It also looks like a wooden person playing that game where you have to pat your head and rub your stomach in circles at the same time.
The Date Farmers

Shoe sale
Assume Vivid Astro Focus, otherwise known as
Eli Sudbrack puts his own spin on shoe design.

Window shopping

The hands of the wealthy.

The indigenous shoe tosser
Straight from Sao Paulo, Brazil, artist Nunca tries to portray the culture struggle between indigenous tribe people and the people of the modern world. The tribe member above is throwing a shoe at the business man below.

Corporate Brazil

Pop Junk
Greek artist B. creates a mural influenced by consumerism and things people discard. These include lemons, lobsters, paint brushes, shoes, buses, bottles, syringes, water and trees.

Let's not forget to mention french fries, forks, glasses, brooms, candles, wrenches, and t-shirts.

Revenge of the Hedgehog
Jeff Soto is a California born artist known as the missing link between pop surrealism and street art.
This mural was inspired by the colors of South Beach, as well as Soto's early influences of horror movies, science fiction,  and fantasy. It was painted using spray paint and brush work.
Jeff Soto

Block Party
A mostly nude prostitute near a group of young people dancing are some of the images this Greek artist uses to reflect today's society using Byzantine art undertones.
Stelios Faitakis

Stelios Faitakis

Universal Language
L.A. based Marquis Lewis is the artist behind the Retna tag, and is gaining worldwide attention after being featured in Jeffrey Deitch's Art in the Streets MOCA show.

Pop Bodies
Ryan McGinness lives and works in NYC. While attending Carnegie Melon University, he interned at The Andy Warhol museum as a curatorial assistant. The influences of Andy Warhol can be seen in his pop-surrealist pieces.
Ryan McGinness

Enchanted staircase
How and Nosm show off their 3-dimensional skills with this staircase mural.
How and Nosm

Final Destination

Bat Mobile
Joe Grillo

Read more about Tony Goldman and the Wynwood Walls project.


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